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Sebastian Fund "Hamal"

Serigrafía (Reproducción de Colorografía, Xilografía y Chine-Collé)

Size 50.5 x 66 cm

Signed by the artist and numbered 2/50


BLACK BEASTS 2017-2019

The term bestiary comes from the Latin bestiarum, a compendium of beasts. They became very popular during the Middle Ages. The bestiary is also a reference to the symbolic language of animals in Western Christian literature and art. The first work considered as a bestiary is the Physiologus. It is an ancient Greek volume, by an anonymous author and uncertain date, made in Alexandria and is presumed to have been made between the 2nd and 4th centuries.

The most famous medieval bestiary is the Aberdeen Bestiary. There are many more, and more than a hundred survive today: Leonardo da Vinci, the Italian artist, composed one of those. 

The mythological bestiary is a compilation of monstrous, chimerical, and unreal animals and creatures created by man out of the fascination, respect, or fear for the creatures that populated the Earth along with him.